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5 Key Threats of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. It is a progressive disease which worsens over time and affects millions of lives today. There is still no widespread cure available for this disease, but there are medical treatments to delay its onset.

Here are some key threats to watch for (and potential responses):

Disturbance in daily activities

The most common threat to watch for is trouble remembering or understanding familiar and basic processes of household chores. Patients often develop poor hygiene as they gradually lose memory of taking showers or even grooming.

Trouble recollecting time and place

Memory lapses are not the fault of patients inflicted with Alzheimer’s; it’s a natural symptom of the disease. Having an extra care provider can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with memory lapses.

Poor judgement

At later stages, rational comprehension and judgment from people with degenerative brain diseases is a tough demand. This can often come as a shock, especially if family members have known the patient as wise individuals who make measured decisions. It’s important to be patient when dealing with the symptoms of this condition.

Extreme mood swings

Changes in brain function come with changes in the natural elements which affect one’s mood. Most Alzheimer’s patients show extreme mood swings/changes from time to time as their condition progresses. Small problems may lead to surprising reactions and once big problems may get no reaction at all. Family members should be mindful of the patient’s changing behavior.

Having struggle communicating

In worst case scenarios, people with Alzheimer’s may lose their ability to speak and write properly. Being around familiar faces and environments may help alleviate the stress that comes with the condition.

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