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Round-the-clock care for our clients
portrait of happy caregiver and senior woman

The same services our CHHAs provide on an hourly and respite basis are also available to our clients requesting live-in care. Live-in care is a flexible, cost-saving option that provides round-the-clock safety, support, and peace of mind.

Additional benefits of choosing KATRIX’s live-in care include:

  • Continuity of Care – We’ll always be there to provide the care our clients need!
  • Affordable Prices – When care exceeds 8+ hours a day, we provide 24 hours of peace of mind for less than hourly rates.
  • Treasured Relationships – Our caregivers quickly become trusted companions and partners in providing optimum care.

Let Katrix Home Care & Concierge Services help you at home. Call 973-585-4229 for your inquiries or schedule an appointment with us online.